Jet Ski + SUV = All-Terrain Hybrid Monster

Published On 09/29/2014 Published On 09/29/2014

Anyone who's ever ridden a Jet Ski will likely tell you the same thing: they're great, as long as you're on the ocean or at least a big lake to fully experience the ride. A pond or a river just ain't gonna cut it. Until now. 

Alaska-based Mackinnon Marine has just dropped the AlumaSki. Think of it as a Jet Ski you can ride almost anywhere. 

The original concept was to build a Jet Ski that Alaskan wilderness aficionados could play with when flowing rivers turn into small, rock-filled, uncharted streams. As such, it's made from quarter-inch thick aluminum. This means if you hit a rock, the rock dies, not you.

It features a flat bottom much like a traditional riverboat, so it can float at idle in just six inches of water. Meanwhile, a 110 hp four-cylinder engine gets it going fast enough that you can skim across any path, so long as there's two to three inches of water. That's basically the equivalent of a heavy rain on a city street.

That means you can do things like this. Call it creek-bed drifting, which should definitely be a thing.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's currently trying to figure out if it would be legal to race these up the LA Aquaduct. If you know the answer to that, let him know on Twitter.



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