The Ariel Atom Guys Just Made A Sick Streetfighter

When it first debuted, the Ariel Atom redefined what the world thought of cool engineering and affordable performance. It’s so light that its performance is often compared to that of superbikes, and now, the guys at Ariel have gone and built the superbike companion to the Atom: the Ariel Ace.

Since Ariel is a low-volume producer, they pride themselves on offering a very high level of customization. Delving far beyond body work, you can pick from a trio of different seating styles, and the angle at which the handlebars mount is almost entirely up to you.

If it looks a lot like its four-wheeled sibling, that’s because like the Atom, the frame doubles as a sort of visual exoskeleton, which is both functional and Ariel's way of bragging about their engineering.

Not that the frame isn’t worthy of some bragging rights: it’s so intricate that it takes over 70 hours to machine the six pieces of aluminum of which the frame is comprised. Once it’s welded together, Ariel anodizes the aluminum in whatever color you want.

At its heart, the Ace is sporting state of the art Honda mechanical bits, like a 171 hp four-cylinder engine, and a drivetrain that includes a dual clutch transmission, theoretically making shifts happen faster than any human could ever do.

The openness of the frame lets you admire the suspension in all its glory: everything’s fully adjustable, so the bike can be set up to your specific riding style. Up front, Ariel’s offering a couple of different designs to choose from depending on if you’d rather be comfy or pursue outright performance.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's waiting, patiently, for the first video to surface of an Ace racing an Atom.