The Ariel Nomad Is A Dune Buggy On Steroids

British company Ariel, makers of the Atom and the fastest police car in the UK, have just unveiled its newest adrenaline rush: the Nomad. A veritable dune buggy on steroids, Nomad's powered by a rear-mounted 2.4-liter Honda DOHC i-VTEC that pumps out 235 hp behind a six-speed manual transmission.

And because it’s almost too easy to go wild in this thing, the Nomad’s constructed with durable polyethylene plastic and reinforced tube frames that give it extra rollover protection, as well as a safe and comfortable cockpit. Speaking of, the entire interior’s weatherproof and can be easily washed down with a hose, or your tears of unfathomable joy. You choose.

The basic model starts around $45,000, but once you see laundry list of customization options Ariel offers, expect that price tag to go up significantly. Take a look at seven awesome angles:

Alex Robinson is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He has a go-kart. Kind of. It's a motorized cooler on wheels. Check it out on his Instagram.