You Won't Believe What Aston Martin Just Rolled Out

Following just behind the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Vulcan, Aston Martin just took the wrapper off its new all-electric concept. It's called the Aston Martin DBX, and while it's not slated for production, it does give you an idea of what Aston's thinking for the future.

It looks like the most luxurious way one can go off-roading, and it's purely a concept that will never see anyone's garage.

In the words of Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer, the DBX is about allowing designers to "expand their thinking beyond conventions, to explore what the future of luxury GT motoring would look like in years ahead."

You don't have to squint your eyes to find traditional Aston Martin elements here. Every line is reminiscent of a sort of mix between a DB9 and a Vanquish, with some additional bulges here and there to cope with the extra size.

The DBX uses a quartet of electric motors—one per wheel—each powered by its own battery cells. One of the hidden benefits of such an all-electric drivetrain is the addition of cargo space where the engine no longer resides. In something like an Aston Martin, that theoretically means getting four adults in the car, along with all their luggage.

For anyone sitting in the exaggerated avant-garde interior, there's a layer inside the windows so they can all auto-dim, and there are separate HUDs for the driver and passenger. Just to keep everything future-oriented, there are no mirrors, with everything replaced by rear-view cameras.

If it all seems a little too forward thinking for you, don't worry. This is a design study that'll pave the way for Aston to start work on something loosely similar in the future.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He's intrigued by the idea of an off-roading Aston, and the implications that would have for 007.