The Best 4x4s on eBay Motors, 6/10/14

I think that the problem is that people fear so many things and they don’t live life to its fullest—Criss Angel, Mindfreak

The very best 4x4s on eBay Motors this week...

2004 Ford F350 SEMA Show "Terminator"
Remember Ken Block's beastly truck from last winter? This is Ken's truck's big brother, and if there's a terrain this can't handle, you really shouldn't be driving on it. Is it flashy? Well, that's self-evident, but it's also ridiculously capable when you leave paved roads. Own this, and you'll definitely be a bad guy in a Mad Max movie. [More pics...]

2012 Jeep JK8 Pickup
Some vehicles just look like they were built for fun, and this is most definitely one of them. The parts you see assembled here basically read like your parts catalog wishlist, and the fact that there's a proper (albeit small) truck bed means that not only can you take all your gear, but there's no back seat, so your friends can't keep pestering you for rides. [More pics...]

All Aluminum 1979 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40
It's like someone took the words to Eiffel 65's Blue, replaced "blue" with "aluminum" and listened to the song on repeat while they were building this Land Cruiser. There's a beefier suspension that, combined with the lightweight aluminum body, makes the already capable FJ40 a truly capable off-road machine. Really though, this one's about the aluminum, both inside and out. [More pics...]

Land Rover Defender 110 "Urban Warrior"
If you want a complete package this is your ride. First, they swapped the engine for a V8 out of a Mustang, then supercharged it to ensure a cool 700 hp. Then they cranked up the suspension for added off-road prowess. For good measure, they covered almost every square inch of the interior in leather, and added plenty of sound deadening under the carpet and inside the doors to keep things quiet. [More pics...]

Chris Angel’s 2006 Hummer H2
Criss Angel, otherwise known as Mindfreak, went into a custom shop, plunked down an inordinate sum of money, and told the guys to get as freaky as they wanted. Yes, that’s a side-exit exhaust underneath the front door, which is probably the most sane thing going on here. The spider web steering wheel, padlock-and-chain link grill up the ante a bit, and then the entertainment system is off the charts. [More pics...]

1976 Ford Bronco
Old Mustang V8? Check. Rear-facing back seat? Check. Crazy previous owner who insisted on having a convertible Bronco when building a toy to play in the deep snow in the Montana mountains? Yep! Really, you've gotta check out the paint job on this one. [More pics...]

The "World's Largest Hummer H2"
When the Hummer H2 first came out, there were a few die-hard enthusiasts who felt it was too small, especially compared to the original. Whoever owned this truck first couldn't stand it. Among the $150k that was spent modifying the H2 in to the monster truck you see here was a $55k lift kit. According to the seller, it's currently pending verification by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest Hummer H2. The other $90k? Yeah, the interior's just as nuts. [More pics...]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He just learned that there's a Guinness record for a Hummer H2. He shouldn't be surprised by that, but he is.