7 Badass Boats And Planes On eBay That Will Make You Sell Your Car

"I'm on a boat! I'm on a boat! Everybody look at me 'cause I'm sailin' on a boat!"—The Lonely Island

If you can't get there by car, these are your best bets...

Fantrainer 600 Airplane

This plane uses a turbo prop engine that moves a fan located in the back of the aircraft. It was originally designed for use by the German Air Force to train superjet pilots, since it replicates the feel of a small jet. The particular unit for sale is—according to the seller—the very first one produced. It's currently located in Moscow but can be flown just about anywhere. [See more]

Colt AS 56 Thermal Airship

You're probably thinking something along the lines of, "Holy crap! There's a freaking blimp on eBay!" But alas, there is not. This is technically a thermal airship, which is another way of saying the world's coolest hot air balloon. It has a 25 hp motor on board, which is enough to get it moving, but not enough to carry you if you're over 275 lbs. So, just don't take it anywhere with a buffet. [See more]

Gentleman's Racer Boat

The boat you're looking at—its name is "Retirement Plan"—is the show boat for Reets Boatworks. It's 26 feet long, has a 330 hp V8 powering the mahogany hull through the water, and despite being four years old, is basically brand new. It's only been powered-up for a total of 26 hours. [See more]

Harmon Rocket 2

A Harmon Rocket is to planes what a hot rod is to cars. It comes as a kit to modify an existing plane and makes it lighter, faster, and more maneuverable. This one's already had all the hard stuff done to it, so all that's left is flying it. [See more]

This amazing historic party yacht

This boat was originally built in 1943 in Buffalo, NY, and actually participated in D-Day. After WWII, it was bought by a British company, which sailed it until the 1970s. It's been in Yugoslavia and Croatia ever since, and was converted into a sailing yacht in 2007. The four cabins can fit a total of 150 people comfortably, which isn't bad for a 70-year-old warship. [See more]

1986 Scat Hovercraft

Mechanically, this hovercraft has been gussied up thoroughly, and only has a couple of hours on the engine. What's that mean? It means you can get a fully functional vintage hovercraft for just a few thousand bucks, that's what. [See more]

This giant houseboat

You're looking at a houseboat that was built for a TV show (Extreme Houseboats, naturally). 2,130 square feet is more than a lot of people's houses, and that's before taking into account the fact that this is a house that comes with its own motors and a 140-inch HD projector. This one's definitely worth a closer look. [See more]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. His house is smaller than that houseboat, and it doesn't even float.