The Best BMW M Cars On eBay, 1/20/15

"God's chariot."—Anonymous, about the E30 M3

Nothing but the very best of BMW's M cars on eBay this week.

1984 E24 M6
This is the original Landshark, a grand tourer that shared more than a few components with the M1. This particular M6 has had all of one owner since new, and it’s lived in a garage the entire time. Considering it only has 30,500 miles on the clock, this might be one of the best unrestored M6’s on the market, period. [More pics...]

1988 E28 M5
Once upon a time, the M5 was the fastest sedan in the world. And 1988 was the last year they produced first generations. This one has spent most of its life in Canada, and is kinda the perfect driver. Everything on it is completely original, save for the transmission from an E30, which was swapped in for driving enjoyment. [More pics...]

1980 BMW M1 AHG Studie
You've seen this car before. It's one of just 10 special-edition M1s built with the intent of being a road car for professional racers. It's faster than a "normal" M1 and it's got that gorgeous body work, too. It's basically the Lamborghini-Bimmer hybrid that wasn't, and it's amazing. [More pics...]

2011 1-Series M Coupe
The 1-Series M Coupe might have a long name, but that's only because BMW didn't want to offend those who hold the M1 on an altar. In reality, it's the baby Bimmer that many consider the best-handling car BMW built at the time. Only 740 of these cars were made, so if you want BMW's smallest and best handling car, your choice is either this, or wait until BMW starts making the M2. [More pics...]

2000 E39 M5
A screaming V8 putting out over 400 hp? The purity of three pedals? The practicality of four doors? What more could you possibly ask for? Well, there is one thing. That beautiful blue paint. [More pics...]

Supercharged Widebody 2011 M3
Originally, this car came straight from the factory with BMW’s competition package, making it a pretty capable performer. Now, it’s been supercharged, ultimately resulting in well over 500 hp under the hood. Take a closer look at that widebody kit, too. You want execution? At the time of publication, this car is on display at Montreal Auto Show. [More pics…]

1988 E30 M3
The E30 M3 might not have been the *first* M car, but it certainly set the tone as a truly race-driven homologation special. The one seen here is not exactly stock. There’s an S52 under the hood (that’s BMW speak for E36 M3 engine), and enough suspension goodies to make sure it’ll outhandle the vast majority of cars produced today. [More pics…]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He's shared the track with plenty of M3s exactly like this while driving his own E30. He can't recommend enough that someone buys this car.