Concepts & Customs: The Best New Aftermarket BMWs

Not all cars are created equally, but then again, not all cars are modified equally, either. As aftermarket companies race to come to grips with BMW's newest performance models, a few have started rolling out some seriously fun looking rides.

Lightweight Performance's M4 Package
The guys at German-based Lightweight are doing what you'd already want to do to your car, so you don't even have to turn a wrench. That wing in back is adjustable, as are the Bilstein shocks and struts they've installed. Their in-house titanium exhaust livens things up in the sound department, while tinkering with the turbos and the electronics combine for around 90 extra horses.

Prior Design's PD6XX Widebody M6 Gran Coupe
There are a lot of companies making a wide variety of aftermarket body kits, and most of them look horrendous. This one...doesn't. To go with the new look, they'll also do whatever you want with your interior, should you feel a sudden need to be surrounded by quilted leather.

Vorsteiner's GTS Aero Kit
What separates Vorsteiner's tweaks from some of the others is the attention to detail in the engineering and manufacturing process. According to Vorsteiner, that little strip of carbon fiber you see down the front actually accounts for a measurable increase in downforce, as does the carbon diffuser in back. Both pieces are made using an autoclave, which is just a fancy word for "giant vacuum", that creates complex shapes with carbon fiber—it's a step up in quality.

PP Performance's 203 mph M6
PP Performance is a power-happy German shop that's insistent on going very, very fast. They've just dropped a new power package for the M6 that, through some extensive reworking of the engine, nets about 800 hp. That's good for 203 mph, at a price that clocks in just under $20k over the original cost of the car.

BMW's M Performance Parts
Naturally, BMW likes to get in on the party of souping up their own cars, and they've just presented their newest lineup. The things you'd expect them to have are present—power boosting technology, suspension upgrades, sporty flare, etc. There's also the always-gorgeous BMW Performance steering wheel with the digital display that's been updated to fit the current lineup, but the real showstopper is the exhaust, with bluetooth-activated valves to control how loud you want your car to be.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He loves when cars are tastefully modified and perform faster than they look.