The Sexiest Cars At The Goodwood Festival Of Speed

You know about the Goodwood Festival of Speed and how it’s the premier event in the world to see dozens of the greatest race cars of all time driving at speed. You may also recall our conversation with an outstanding photographer by the name of Peter Aylward, who is one of the top vintage motorsport photographers you’ll find anywhere. The two just paired up to give the most gorgeous rundown of the very best cars at Goodwood we’ve seen yet. Check out some of the highlights here, then head over to Petrolicous for the rest.

Peter is keen to point out that more than just hearing the cars, you really feel them reverberate through your body as the energy passes through.

And that’s to say nothing of the emotional impact of seeing a proper Papaya Orange McLaren F1 at full song.

Did we mention there were some truly iconic cars there?

Need any more proof of how excellent this year was? Didn’t think so. Be sure to check out Peter’s full write-up over on Petrolicious.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's a little envious of Peter for getting to go to Goodwood, and also for having so much damn talent as a photographer.