The eBay Seven, 4/11/14 Edition: The Best Rides On eBay Motors This Week

"Looked at my kingdom, I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air." — Will Smith, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Here's our weekly look at the very best Rides for sale on eBay.

Insane 1957 Chevy Bel Air
Among the more minor points of this car is that it’s got a brand new 350cid V8 and that it’s so far off the custom charts the entire control panel is hidden behind a retractible metal panel. The cooler bits? The cooler. Literally. Hidden underneath the carpet in back, where the spare tire well used to be, is a beer cooler. It’s pretty much the ultimate show car-slash-tailgating utensil. [More pics…]

2011 Porsche 911 GT2 RS
Porsche originally developed this car in secret under the code name 727, signifying their target lap time around the infamous Nurburgring. They succeeded, thanks to a heavy dose of horsepower (612) and a top speed of 205 mph. It just happens to have the looks to match, with black carbon fiber offsetting the silver, only interrupted by the bright yellow brake calipers announcing the car's sporting intentions. [More pics...]

1967 Corvette 427 Stingray
For a lot of people, the 1967 Stingray is the high point of Corvette styling, and this one’s packing everything you’d realistically want: 427cid/435hp engine, a four speed manual transmission, all matching numbers, and very few miles since it was fully restored ten years ago. If you want one you can actually drive around, it’s a winner. [More pics…]

2008 Fearless Porsche 28
Take a boat designed to look kinda like a Porsche Carrera GT (look behind the seating area), build it with heaping helpings of carbon fiber, and toss a 600 hp engine in back, and you've got the 90 mph speedboat equivalent of a supercar. This is an incredible boat. [More pics...]

1973 Survivor Firebird Trans Am Super Duty
41 years ago, someone in Bangor, Maine, had their finger on the pulse of 1970s trends, bought this car, and immediately had the flames and firebird put on followed by a new layer of clearcoat. 40 years ago, they parked it in a climate-controlled garage, where it sat blissfully unaware of Pontiac’s demise. Literally everything on this car is the same as it was when it was parked in 1974, down to the spark plugs. [More pics...]

1965 FrankenFerrari 212/166 MM Touring Barchetta
This car is the coolest kind of hybrid. Whoever owned it previously didn't like their 1965 330GT 2+2, so they had the body removed and the chassis shortened, so they could fit the body of an early 1950s-era Mille Miglia-winning 166. Basically, the body's been built to the same level of precision as an original, but because it's got the drivetrain of a 1960s-era Ferrari, the 300 hp it's packing is more than double an original. It's all Ferrari, kinda like that all-Mercedes 300SL. [More pics...]

2014 Jeep Wrangler Off-Road Edition
The American Wheel and Tire Company built this Jeep to showcase exactly what they're capable of doing. If it looks kinda like a Starwood Jeep, that's because it's been painted in scratchproof kevlar. AWT threw their entire catalog at this one, so when you're not using the four on-board cameras to guide you and your hardcore suspension past rocks, you're listening to an equally hardcore stereo. There's probably nothing you could want on a Jeep that this doesn't have. [More pics...]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and he really wants to take that Ferrari for a spin. Follow him on Twitter.