"I build engines and attach wheels to them."—Enzo Ferrari

Nothing but the very best of the best on eBay this week…

2014 Lamborghini Aventador Art Car 
You know, just your run-of-the-mill half million dollar Aventador with about $70,000 worth of mods...like that insane wrap job that looks like Andy Warhol came back from the dead to paint one last car. You’ve gotta give this a closer look. [More pics…]

1972 Ferrari 356 GTC/4 
Ferrari designed this car as a slightly larger, more comfy version of the timeless Daytona. With an always-glorious 320 hp Ferrari V12 under the hood and back seats that are actually large enough to be used, you’d be hard pressed to find a better 1970s highway car. [More pics…]

1980 UAZ 469-B 
If this strikes you as the Soviet version of a Jeep, you’re right. Well, kinda. For much of its life it was a standard Russian army vehicle, but now it’s sporting the engine and much of the running gear from a Mercedes 300D, which means it’s basically gonna be around forever. Kinda like Putin. [More pics…]

Custom 1955 Thunderbird 
Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you really have your heart set on the timeless lines of the 1955 T-Bird, but you can’t part with modern performance and convenience. Let’s say you want a state of the art supercharged V8, seriously improved suspension, and a custom interior with everything from nav to a digital dash. Actually, let’s just say you want this car. [More pics…]

1959-Inspired Custom Ferrari Homage 
There are so many different things going on with this car. The engine is actually a BMW V12 that’s been breathed on by Bimmer wizards at Dinan, so it puts out 450 hp. The chassis is entirely custom, designed with modern suspension in mind for optimal geometry. That suspension? Totally adjustable. Then you get to the body—which is entirely old school, hand-beat metal. Just...take a look. [More pics…]


1967 427 Corvette 
According to the owner, this is the only white 1967 427 Corvette with the 425 hp L71 engine with the radio delete option. What does that mean? No idea, but it’s a seriously sexy Corvette that’s been registered to the same owner since it was new. It’s been fully restored and is about as original as you get. [More pics…]

1989 Porsche 911 
No fancy descriptions are necessary for one of the most gorgeous 25-year-old Porsches you’ll ever see. This car is sex. That is all. [More pics…]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He just asked if he can expense the 911. He cannot.



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