"Just taking the Aston out for a spin, Q."—Timothy Dalton as James Bond in The Living Daylights.

Nothing but the very best on eBay this week…

The GT40-Powered Mustang Pace Car
This car was built during the first hour of Mustang production, then sent to famed race team Holman Moody—the team that ran the GT40s for Ford—to be prepped as one of three Indianapolis 500 Pace Cars. The first thing they did was toss in an experimental version of the 289 V8 that was intended to go in a GT40. Then, they stiffened the suspension to match. It's the only car to have paced the race that year, and thus is the exact car you saw all through your youth as a die cast model. In a word: whoa. [More pics...]

The Land Rover Defender You'd Build Yourself
Originally one of just 500 Defender 110s brought into the country in 1993, this Defender's been gone over with a fine toothed comb. It's not the great looks that set this one apart, although with both white and yellow lights for visibility and that awesome black/orange contrast, it's definitely a stunner. This one's been converted to a diesel, so it's got plenty of torque while sidestepping some of the reliability issues that plagued the early '90s Land Rovers. Oddly, it even comes with its own welder, so even if you do find yourself in a pinch, you can fix just about anything. [More pics...]

1971 Corvette LS6
In a nutshell, this is a freshly restored 454 cid LS6 Corvette with 425 hp. In its 43 years of existence, it's only had a single owner until now, and it's been so well documented that it comes with the original sticker on the fuel tank. [More pics...]

Pro Touring 1969 Camaro
This Camaro was built with the intention of combining the very best of what made it great 45 years ago with everything that's better about modern cars. As such, the engine bay's sporting a 468 cid V8 putting out enough power to "push your cheeks back." The parts list on this car reads like your catalog wish list. [More pics...]

1980 Aston Martin V8
The Aston Martin V8 is essentially the ultimate British grand touring muscle car. If you think it looks like a posh Mustang, you're not alone, but that didn't stop this from being the car of choice for James Bond in The Living Daylights. [More pics...]

1998 Porsche Carrera C4S
This is nothing but good old fashioned base 911 goodness. It's the all-wheel drive variant, and came with Porsche's optional high speed aero package installed from the factory. It's not a turbo, but it's been impeccably maintained—everything you're seeing is all original. It also doesn't hurt that, for the most part, Porsche quit making the C4S in 1997...making this one kinda rare. [More pics...]

1956 Mercedes 190SL
Today, this car's more powerful 300SL sibling tends to cross into the seven figure range, but the 190s are still a fraction of that. Save for an intense eight year restoration, this car has been in one family since it was originally purchased by the guy who spent WWII working on the Manhattan Project, overseeing the design and construction of Oak Ridge National Laboratory...where uranium was enriched for the first atomic bombs. [More pics...]

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