The Best Cars for Sale On eBay, 9/23/14

“The search [for extra-terrestrial life] is a failure until that moment when it suddenly becomes a success.”—Seth Shostak, SETI researcher, to NOVA.

Nothing but the very best of the best on eBay Motors this week…

2012 Extra Terrestrial Vehicle 
Chances are you’ve seen this car before. Designer/builder/owner Mike Vetter was pretty much all over the Internet five years ago when he first built the somehow street-legal Extra Terrestrial Vehicle. He’s since built eight ETVs using the running gear of a Chevy Cobalt SS, and this one, built two years ago, has seen regular use. The attention to detail on this is amazing, so you’re gonna want to see the rest of it. [More pics…]

25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach
The Countach wasn’t the fastest supercar of the 1970s and '80s, but it was the most supercar-y car of the 1970s and '80s, with that classic wedge shape, the introduction to the world of scissor doors, and all that duct work. The 1989 anniversary version, celebrating a quarter century of Lamborghini cars, is more or less the ultimate Countach. Just look at this thing. [More pics…]

1980 BMW M1 AHG Studie 
You should be familiar with the M1 AHG Studie by now, but if not, just know that it’s an exceedingly limited edition version of the BMW’s legendary M1 supercar, that’s been seriously tuned. It was designed pretty much so the F1 drivers who happened to race in Procar would have something fun for daily use. [More pics…

Maserati 450S Replica 
Let’s make one thing clear: Use of the term “replica” here does not mean this car isn’t absolutely mind boggling. The chassis is a 1966 Ferrari. The engine is legit Maserati. The guy who handmade that gorgeous body (note the complete lack of seams, indicating one continuous piece of metal) is named Giovanni Giordanengo. He’s an artiste from northern Italy whose replicas are so utterly perfect, anyone that’s not an absolute expert will think they’re original. A few dealers have even passed them off as the real deal, they’re so good. [More pics…]

Rolls-Royce LARC LX 
Put simply, this is the ultimate amphibious vehicle. Those numbers on the side? That’s to gauge water depth, in feet. Not even the tallest man on Earth could see over the tires. It’s got over 1,200 hp, courtesy of a quartet of Rolls-Royce diesels that power all four wheels, plus a pair of propellers out back. If there were such a thing as monster truck-boats, this is it. [More pics…]

1969 Camaro SS 
This might look like a normal, gorgeous, semi-custom Chevy Camaro SS from the outside, but under the skin it’s sporting a thoroughly modern powertrain putting out well over 500 hp that’s dead-on reliable, meaning this car combines the best of the classic looks with the best of modern engineering. It also has basically no miles since it was fully restored and assembled, so it’s nice and fresh. [More pics…]

2005 Hennessey GT1000 
If it’s possible for a supercar to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, this is it. Sure, this looks like a very clean Ford GT, and at one point in time that’s exactly what it was. That was before the delightfully insane and horsepower-obsessed John Hennessey (as in Hennessey Venom GT, etc...) got his hands on it. Now, it’s a very clean, immensely powerful—1,000 hp, to be exact—Hennessey GT1000. It’s drool worthy, for sure. [More pics…

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He came face to face with a Ford GT just last week, and resisted the urge to steal it. Barely. Follow his vehicular obsessions on Twitter.