”Meep, meep.”—The Road Runner

Nothing but the very best on eBay this week…

Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Jeep 
Back before he became the 34th President of the United States, then-General Eisenhower liked to vacation in Scotland. In October of 1946, as a way of saying thanks for his war efforts, the people of Scotland gave him this Jeep, and an apartment in a castle, to use whenever he wanted. This thing has been sitting in a private collection for over 40 years, and is as perfect as when Ike drove it. [More pics…]

1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird Convertible 
If something about this car seems a little strange to you, you’re absolutely correct. There is no such thing as a Road Runner Superbird convertible—it actually started out as a Plymouth Satellite convertible—and was then painstakingly converted with period-correct parts like a 440 engine, the iconic Road Runner nose and rear wing, and even that awesome “meep, meep” horn the real cars came with. [More pics…

Custom 2009 Lingenfelter Z06/1963 Split Window Corvette Mashup 
Every now and then, someone tries to put a classic body on a modern car, generally with hideous results. This is different. Originally, this was a Lingenfelter Z06, which meant it was a 660 hp beast. It then made its way to a specialty shop in Iowa, where the entire body was stripped down and replaced with what you see here. It’s not 100 percent 1963, because it’s been stretched to fit the modern chassis, but it’s about as brilliant a modern interpretation of the most classic Corvette as you’ll find. [More pics…]

The American/British/German Backdraft Cobra 
The original Cobra was great because it took a proven English race platform and added a proven American V8. This one goes a step further: the body’s a high-end fiberglass replica of the original, but the engine’s a 550 hp variant of the new Mustang’s V8, and the suspension is all from a BMW M3, which isn’t exactly a slouch in the handling department. You can order these cars new, but this specific one was their factory test mule, so it’s well sorted. [More pics...]

1050 hp 1993 Supra 
If you’ve never built your own project car from scratch, this probably just looks like an extremely nice, mint condition 1993 Supra that happens to have over a thousand horsepower. If you have, then the fact that this is a not only a flawlessly restored Supra, but one that manages 1,050 hp while being both reliable and easy enough to drive that you could use it as your primary means of transportation is nothing short of staggering. This one’s rare. [More pics…]

1960 Mercedes 190SL 
This is one of the very few exceptions to the rule that car’s aren’t good investments. The 190SL is close enough to its big brother 300SL that the average person walking down the street wouldn’t know the difference if they were parked next to each other. Still, while the 300 has skyrocketed to seven figure territory over the past few years, the 190 has stayed in the very low sixes. WIth fewer buyers able to get the 300s, this 190—currently going for under $100k—is primed for a huge jump. [More pics…]

The First Funny Car
As the story goes, this car originally belonged to drag racing legend Dick Landy, who almost made it the first production car with a Hemi to win a race. Then, he modified it heavily, pushing both the front and rear axles forward and moving the engine back for better acceleration. Based on the looks, it earned the nickname “Funny Car," which of course became an entire classification for drag racing. [More pics…]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's currently reading more about Dick Landy. He can be found on Twitter.



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