The Best Classic Volkswagens on eBay, 12/16/14

"Volkswagen!"—Adam Sandler, in Happy Gilmore

The crème de la crème of classic Volkswagens from the 1960s, '70s, and '80s for sale on eBay Motors this week.

1961 Beetle Deluxe
Sometimes it's simply impossible to beat the original. Whereas most Beetles were as bare-bones basic as you get, this one came from the factory more or less fully-loaded, which means it has things like a radio and a full-sized spare. Throw in a full restoration for the car's 53rd birthday and you're looking at the quintessential entry level car from the 1960s...and 50s...and 40s...and, well, you get the idea. [More pics...]

1973 Thing
If you're familiar with the Thing at all, you already know why it's so unconventionally awesome. Modeled after its WWII predecessor, the Thing was originally designed for the West German army as an off-road vehicle. Think Beetle-meets-Jeep. Luxury's not exactly present, unless you count the freedom of driving anywhere you want and not worrying about your ride. [More pics...]

Custom 1968 Microbus
At first blush, this is your ordinary, basic, clean Microbus. But when you study it just a little more closely you start to see just how awesome it really is. The whole thing has extra sound deadening to keep it nice and quiet inside, the floor’s made from marine-grade synthetic wood planks, and the whole thing's been lowered. It also sits on wheels that look like they’re original, but are really custom-made 17 inchers. Great detail work here. [More pics…]

1964 Karmann Ghia
Easily the coolest and sportiest VW-based vehicle in the 1960s, Ghias have never really lost their charm as essentially the Porsche for the proletariat. This particular one just came out of a three year restoration, and is essentially a brand new car. [More pics...]

1964 Baja Bug
If there was any doubt that the Beetle is one of the most versatile cars ever produced, this should end it. This one started out life normally enough in 1964, but now it’s an out and out beast that can off-road with the best of ‘em. Most of the body panels have been switched for lighter fiberglass replacements, and it’s good to go. [More pics…]

1983 Westfalia Camper Van
If you've ever wanted an old VW Westy, this is the one you want to actually buy. The list of modifications done in the name of comfort is far too long to list here, but by far the best update is the engine swap. This van's now got the boxer engine out of a Subaru so it can actually, you know, drive up hills. [More pics...]

Herbie (a.k.a. 1971 Super Beetle)
It's practically guaranteed that, at some point, you saw The Love Bug, thought Herbie was awesome, and wanted to one day have a Beetle just like it in your garage. And although you grew up a little and moved on from watching the flick three times a week, Beetles made to look like Herbie are still great. That'll never change. [More pics...]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He's suddenly finding himself needing a Baja Bug in his life.