The 9 Best Custom Land Rover Defenders Of 2015

Published On 06/09/2015 Published On 06/09/2015
Land Rover

Realistically, the Land Rover Defender shouldn't be one of the world's greatest vehicles for customization, as it's pretty much a utilitarian arrangement of squares and rectangles. But these nine beauties will have you thinking otherwise. 

They run the gamut from quarter million dollar supertrucks to simple, elegant restomods that highlight the timeless beauty of Land Rover's most capable creation, all built dutifully in 2015.

Kahn Designs

1. Kahn Designs Flying Huntsman 105 6x6

A Land Rover with a pair of extra wheels and the heart of a Corvette? Okay sure, we'll take it.

2. Flying Huntsman 105 Pickup

Perhaps even better than the 6x6, the "normal" Flying Huntsman utilizes the same 500 hp engine and extended wheelbase, but in a smaller, lighter, more truck-like package.

Land Rover

3. Paul Smith's Amazing Technicolor Land Rover

As part of a new Land Rover division that takes custom orders, Paul Smith went all out in the color department, making sure he didn't miss any options.


4. The Rapide Defender Collection by Arkonik

Built to spec for the Tire'd Watch Company, Rapide is a series (so far, two have been delivered) commissioned to promote the brand's latest watch, for which it's named.

Kahn Design

5. Chelsea Wide Track Double Cab

Arguably the design most responsible for putting Kahn on the map, the Wide Track's a beast that keeps evolving. And the latest iteration is an exercise in bespoke ruggedness.


6. The South Beach Defender

Talk about purity of purpose. Fresh off its 25th birthday—the age at which it can be legally imported to the US—this one was built specifically so that its new American owner could use it to frolic on the beach.


7. Madeline

Best. Gift. Ever. This is Madeline, a freshly restored, modernized, and customized Defender named after its new owner. Forty people spent 3,000 hours making it just perfect for a Portland man's wife.

East Coast Defenders

8. Blizzard

One of the top Land Rover specialists in the US just spent eight months bringing "Blizzard" up to a modern spec, including rear breaks, touch screen nav, and a backup camera. East Coast Defenders are calling it the best Defender in the country, and it's currently for sale.

East Coast Defender

9. "Explorer"

There's something to be said for the minimalist approach. Beautiful, isn't it? 

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He’d love to try the six-wheeled Flying Huntsman.

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