7 Apps That Will Make You A Better Driver

It’s hardly a secret that using your phone while driving is often a deadly mistake. That said, there are some apps that will help you become a significantly better driver, both on the road and at the race track. These are the ones you should be using:

NOTE: Some newer performance cars now have their own built-in apps that will eliminate the need for a few of these. This is for all others.


Cost: $4.99
iOS: Yes
Android: Yes
What it does: Using your phone’s camera, the app monitors the road for everything from lane departures to collision warnings. If you’re closing in too fast on someone or something, you'll see it in front of you. 


Cost: $99
iOS: Yes
Android: Yes
What it does: Using a Bluetooth adapter, Automatic connects to your car’s On-Board Diagnostics (OBD-II) and monitors your driving habits to help you maximize fuel efficiency. It beeps at you if you drive too aggressively, so it’ll also make you a safer driver. As a fun side note, you can also see where you've had the most fun on your drive (see above).

Harry’s LapTimer

Cost: $8.99 - $27.99
iOS: Yes
Android: Yes
What it does: This one's purely for performance driving. You can see where you’re turning, braking, or hitting the gas too early or late, and compare different laps to improve your driving line. If you spring for the pricier versions (and you should), you can record video, complete with data overlays, straight from your phone.


Cost: $8.99
iOS: Yes
Android: No
What it does: The gMeter app was originally intended as an on-board dynamometer and, by taking everything from wind resistance to atmospheric conditions, it’s actually very advanced compared to similar apps. So much so in fact that it has acceleration charts that tell you exactly how much time you’re wasting on your launch off the light and while shifting, so you know what to work on.


Cost: $1.99
iOS: Yes
Android: No
What it does: It perpetually verifies your speed to a fraction of a mile per hour via GPS, and it accounts for elevation with the United States Geological Survey. It can also mirror your screen, so if you securely place your phone on your dashboard, it’ll act as a heads up display.


Cost: $4.95 + OBD-II Adapter
iOS: No
Android: Yes
What it does: Torque uses the same sort of OBD-II adapter as Automatic, but it lets you build out custom displays so you can see virtually every aspect of your car’s behavior—and how you’ve been driving it. Essentially, you can use your phone as an auxiliary instrument cluster and not have to worry about how hot your engine is getting during your commute.


Cost: Free
iOS: Yes
Android: Yes
What it does: Using crowdsourced data for things like traffic conditions and cheap gas stations, it helps you save time and money.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He's pretty sure the Automatic app turned into R2 with all the beeping sounds it made during testing.