Saturday Night Live's Best Fake Car Commercials

With 40 (yes, 40) years now under its belt, Saturday Night Live has produced hundreds of commercial parodies that sometimes outshine the rest of the show. Prompted by the wonderful Jim Carrey bit last Saturday night, here are six of the show's finest car commercials ever produced—they're often as depraved as they are hilarious.

1. Lux 420 SL​ (1996)

The only car designed specifically for the clinically insane. Most notable for its perfect jingle: "There's a radio in my fingernail...CAR!"

2. The 1978 Royal Deluxe II (1977)

A car so smooth that you can literally perform a circumcision in they clearly demonstrate by doing so at 40 mph on a bumpy road.

3. Matthew McConaughey for Lincoln (2014)

Jim Carrey absolutely nails his McConaughey—the Southern drawl, listless stare, and bizarre finger movements. Yep, they're way better than the original ads.

4. The Chameleon XLE (1993)

A luxury car on the inside, a dilapidated wreck on the outside. "You don't need a car to tell the world you're wealthy; you need a car to tell the world you're smart."

5. Mercury Mistress (1998)

A car so sexy, you'll just want to have sex with it—and you can.

​6. The Adobe (1986)

The little car that's made out of clay. Perks include: custom contour seats and beverage-gripping dashboard, and a price point of $179.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor from Supercompressor and thinks Phil Hartman was the greatest cast member in SNL history.