The Best in Automotive Design, 1/9/15

Published On 01/09/2015 Published On 01/09/2015
The Best in Automotive Design

This week: A few impressive concepts plus the ballsiest Jaguar owner in the known universe. 

Ken Nagasaka

Ken Nagasaka's Ford RS 160 Rally Concept
Ken's spent quite a few years as an actual car designer...for Toyota. However, over the past year, he's been doing some additional studying at the Art Center College of Design, which is basically Juilliard for car enthusiasts. This is just a concept, but if Ford were to ever put one together in real life, no one would complain.


The EDAG Light Cocoon
This won't formally be unveiled until the 2015 Geneva Auto Show, but German engineering firm EDAG previewed the concept, which essentially takes an exoskeleton, then wraps it in fabric that can be backlit to change the car's appearance.


Jaguar XJ220 Modified by Vilner
By and large, Bulgaria's most famous customization shop does fantastic work, but it's not exactly light-handed. That makes it all the more impressive that someone had the guts to hand over one of the most beautifully designed cars ever conceived. Don't worry, though, Vilner didn't touch the outside, but the inside is now awash in a surprisingly classy combination of carbon fiber, leather, and Alcantara.

Charn Kamal

PP Performance's Ferrari F12
PP's an Abu Dhabi-based tuner that traces its roots to Germany, so naturally it's taken an Italian car and souped it up—to 795 hp—by tweaking the exhaust, intake, and computer. The job isn't cheap, at just under $18,000, but who cares? It's as gorgeous as it is fast.


Brabus S63 AMG
Early last year, the ultra high-end German tuner dropped an 850 hp variant of the E63 AMG's V8 on the world. Now, it's done all the same things under the hood of an S63 AMG, and taken things a step further with a color scheme worthy of Goldmember—inside and out.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. If Ford actually made something like that RS 160, he'd do anything in his power to get his hands on one.



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