The Best Kit Cars on eBay Motors, 5/20/14

"Simplify, then add lightness." — Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus.

Why drive something you can buy on a lot? These are the best kit cars on eBay Motors this week.

1965 Shelby Cobra by Kirkham
So um, that's not paint. It's not a chrome wrap, either. It's just the absolutely stunning body of an all-aluminum Cobra replica that's been polished into a nearly perfect mirror. The racing stripes are simply brushed aluminum. But let's not ignore the real point of this car: it's a 620 hp, 2,200 pound monster that'll rip your friggin' head off if you're not kind to the throttle. In a word: amazing. [More pics...]

2013 Miami GT4 by DDR Motorsport
Once upon a time, this car started out life as a Toyota MR2. Obviously, it has since morphed into what can only be described as the result of a night of passion between a McLaren F1 and a Vector W12. Don't let the humble beginnings fool you: it's lightweight, it's got power, and it can move. [More pics...]

2014 Caterham Seven 480
In a sense, the Caterham (nee, Lotus) Seven is the godfather of all kit cars. The incomparable Colin Chapman designed it to be the lightest possible street-legal car, before designing championship-winning Formula 1 cars for drivers like Jim Clark, Emerson Fittipaldi, and Mario Andretti. These days, the pieces are built by Caterham, who also just so happen to run their own F1 team when they're not making cars just like this one for Simon Cowell. [More pics...]

1933 Ford Hot Rod by Factory Five
This car was built in just five days, which stands as testament to the engineering job done by the guys at Factory Five Racing. It's all the more impressive when you stop to think that much of this car used to be a Ford Mustang. According to the owner, the car's quick in a straight line, but absolutely amazing on an autocross course, thanks in part to the super-light fiberglass body. [More pics...]

2010 Rossion Q1
Sitting somewhere in between kit car and supercar, the Rossion is very literally the American version of a Noble. It's actually imported as a Noble, then gets a new body, interior, and suspension pieces. The end result is a fast and light car that'll beat just about anything on the street, but that's still nice enough to drive every day. [More pics...]

1955 Porsche 550 Spyder by Alloycars
This car is so perfectly accurate to the original that you can debate whether to even count it as a kit. Literally every ounce of the body and chassis is built by hand in Florida to the exact dimensions of an actual 550. All the mechanical pieces, like the engine and suspension, aren't just legit Porsche — they're the exact pieces the car would've been fitted with in 1955. You'd have to be a seriously hardcore Porsche fanatic to be able to tell this apart from a real one. [More pics...]

427 Cobra by AC Autos
As Cobras go, this is the antithesis of the aluminum one at the top. The guy who put this together didn't want a show car, but one that you can legitimately drive around and enjoy almost all the time. It's light and fast, of course, but it's also got a full interior, complete with things like carpeting and leather seats. Gotta feel for this guy: he's selling his baby to make room for an actual baby. [More pics...]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and he'll take a Caterham in British Racing Green, please.