The Best Mustangs on eBay Motors, 4/15/14

"I’ve always found that the speed of the boss is the speed of the team” — Lee Iacocca, Father of the Mustang

The Mustang turns 50 years old this week. Here are the very best you can buy on eBay Motors right now.

1993 Cobra R
At the time it was produced, the Cobra R was one of the most hardcore Mustangs ever produced. Air conditioning, a radio, rear seats, and fog lights were among the items deemed too heavy to be included. The suspension was so stiff that it was downright jarring on the street, but amazing on the track. The brakes were so much better than anything else you could get that Ford used ‘em on Cobras for years to come. Ford wanted to make sure these cars didn’t sit in collections forever, so you had to be an active SCCA racer to buy one. Naturally, the SCCA racer who bought this car parked it in his collection for 20 years. [More pics…]

1970 Boss 302
As a fully restored gold-on-black Boss 302, this car’s certainly a looker, but it goes beyond that. In addition to the factory suped-up V8 that all Bosses have, the intake’s from a Shelby, for both added performance and looks. This particular one’s been featured in its fair share of muscle car magazines; it’s definitely worth a look for all the pretty photos. [More pics…]

1968 Shelby GT 350 Convertible
Despite the name Shelby, this car’s not about about pure performance. Not only is it (obviously) a convertible, it’s also an automatic, so there’s nothing to do but roll down the road with the pinnacle of 1960s Mustang style. Hint: Look under the hood. [More pics…]

1964.5 K Code Convertible
To Mustang cognoscenti, the K Code is a mythical term for an option package that got you a very, very stout V8 with a manual transmission and a set of gears more or less perfect for drag racing. Cars with the K Code option are hard to find, and doubly so in convertible form — in fact, the owner claims this car is one of three K Code convertibles remaining. It’s been so thoroughly restored it wouldn’t be more accurate if it were shrink-wrapped coming off the assembly line. [More pics…]

1990 Saleen
Now, Saleen’s known for everything from the incomparable S7 supercar, to a new Tesla model, but in the late 1980s and early 90s they were the only Mustang tuner worth knowing. They tweaked the engine and suspension, then set about differentiating the cars visually. This was the car you wanted in high school. [More pics…]

2012 Cobra Jet with 1300 hp
Ford made a limited run of Cobra Jets, which are essentially factory drag racers. It’s not exactly street legal, but that doesn’t matter, since there’s 1300 hp sitting under the hood. This car’s been clocked in the quarter mile at just 8.3 seconds and 167 mph. It’s a combination of factory safety equipment and nothing but the very finest go-fast goodies money can buy. [More pics…]

2004 Mystichrome Cobra
The 2003-04 Cobras were known as “Terminators”, because their nearly 400 hp supercharged V8 was an ample compliment to the independent rear suspension. On a road course, they were pretty much the fastest Mustangs you would realistically want. The Mystichromes, however, added color-shifting paint to the mix. The car’s a nightmare if you’re colorblind, but to everyone else, it’s a stunning mix of blues, purples, and greens, depending on what angle the light catches it. [More pics…]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's owned entirely too many Mustangs over the years, none of which are listed here.