McLarens and a Canadian Sportscar: The Best In Automotive Design, 12/5/14

A couple of brand new, really sweet and really high-end special editions just dropped. And oh yeah, Canada’s working on an electric sportscar, too.

Mercedes "World Championship 2014 Collector’s Edition" SL 63 AMG
Since Mercedes dominated the Formula One season, winning 16 of the 19 races en route to both the driver's and constructor's championship, it's dropped these beauties designed by Nico Rosberg and 2014 champion, Lewis Hamilton. For now, they're only sold as a pair (19 pairs, to be exact), and each pair comes with a track map of one of the 19 tracks embroidered on the floor mat, on the dash, and on the key. All told, it'll set you back around $750k...if Mercedes invites you to buy them, that is.

Dubuc Tomahawk
Dubuc's a Canadian company that's hell-bent on making not just a sports car, but an all-electric one. The idea is to build an all wheel drive, twin motor ride with Lambo-style doors and room for a couple of golf bags. It says production is about a year away, but there's already a working prototype that's been on the streets of the more French parts of Canada.

Infiniti's Q50 BTCC Race Car
No, you'll never be able to buy this one, but Infiniti's officially going racing with the Q50 in the British Touring Car Championship. It'll look real nice battling a 3-Series BMW, don't ya think?

McLaren's MSO Defined 650S
McLaren Special Operations just dropped a level of the 650S called "Defined," which'll give you a ton of carbon fiber. Aerodynamic upgrades in the rear and on the sides help it stick to the road better, while inside you get carbon fiber shift paddles and vents, plus a reworked instrument panel with Formula One-style shift lights so you don't have to look down as much when you're on track.

Audi Sport TT Cup Race Car
This one you can sort of buy. Audi's setting up its own race series over in Germany based on the TT. You can't buy the car, but you can buy a race seat if you're good enough and have the funding. Races will be right before every DTM race next year, which is pretty sweet.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He'd drive that Audi on any track the company would let him try it out on.