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German Special Customs

German Special Customs' BMW i8 iTron
BMW's ultra-futuristic hybrid sports car doesn't exactly need any help to look like it was built for a science fiction movie. But that didn't stop GSC from getting to work. The car's so new and so high tech that there aren't any performance differences...yet. So you'll have to content yourself with all the pretty artwork and wondering what Tron would've been like with cars instead of Light Cycles.


LibertyWalk's flame-spitting Aventador
LibertyWalk earned their rep by consistently putting out some of the lowest and widest bodied cars out there, but it's their work on exotics that really moves the needle. For this one, they worked their magic while exhaust company Armytrix was doing their own work. this video, and you'll understand.


Minerva J.M. Brabazon
Minerva was a carmaker from the late 1890s until the mid-1930s, and an attempt to revive the brand began last year. They've finally announced the specs, and it's a hybrid V12 with 1200 hp. It also has the same power-to-weight ratio, plus the same sort of active aero, as the Koenigsegg One:1. Translation, if and when it debuts in the flesh: Whoa.

Hamann's BMW M4
German tuning icon Hamann usually doesn't take the most conservative approach when it comes to changing a car's lines. In attacking the new BMW M4, though, the approach is mostly to accent what the factory's done, giving the car more aggression without looking like something out of a comic book. The hood's actually pretty unique on this one.

Carlex Design

Carlex Design's Electric Blue Porsche 911
Carlex is one of the top interior customizers in Europe, with designs that are usually so startlingly thorough, you'd think they were concepts from manufacturers. This Porsche is no different, with seats that have been completely redone to better hold you in on track—note the new leather pattern—and panels that have been painted to match both the exterior and the rest of the interior. Take a look at some of their close up shots and you'll agree, it's pretty exceptional.

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