Concepts & Customs: The Best In Automotive Design, 10/24/14

Your weekly look at the finest tuner cars, design concepts, and custom-built cars in the world.

BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition
To celebrate driver Marco Wittmann's championship in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters series, BMW's building a super limited run of M4s that pays homage to Wittmann's race car livery. The number 23 on the side is what WIttmann races with, and just 23 of the cars will be produced. Each will be Alpine white, with the contrasting matte black hood and trunk that you see here.

Novitec's 969 HP Lamborghini Aventador Roadster
You've seen Novitec before: the ultra-high end tuner normally attacks Ferraris and Rolls-Royces with equal aplomb. Now they've gone all-out on the Aventador Roadster. As in, functional carbon fiber aero pieces everywhere, electronic valve-activated tailpipes, and um...a pair of superchargers. On the already hellacious V12, that means 969 hp are at your disposal. Yeah.

Chelsea Wide Track Land Rover Defender
The Chelsea Truck Company is kinda the British version of ICON. Unless you're a Land Rover aficionado, this looks fairly stock, but it's actually quite a bit wider and taller than a normal Defender. Plus, it's got a comprehensive suspension package, but the real eye opener is the interior, comprised almost entirely of diamond-stitched padded leather and gorgeous blonde wood veneer.

McLaren P1 GTR: Interior and Training Program
McLaren first showed the insane P1 GTR's exterior a while back, but this is the first look at the ridiculous all-carbon interior. That steering wheel design is based on their 2008 Formula One car—the last time the company won the world championship. Why is a training program included here? Well, because the nearly 1,000 hp car comes with a driver training regimen that not only includes learning how to drive faster, but how to exercise so your body can handle the stress of extreme Gs. Everyone should have this problem in life.

Ford's SEMA Drifting And Jumping Truck
Every company likes to go all-out for the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show. Ford's literally jumping into the game with this F150, designed to be equally capable at jumping over objects and drifting past them. It also has a ton of suspension travel for high-speed off-roading, and a quintet of Recaro seats, so you don't wind up flying all over the place during all that drifting and off-roading.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. One hour in the McLaren P1 GTR. That's all he wants.