The Best Custom Motorcycles In the World, August 21st 2014

Welcome to the Week in Bikes, your weekly CliffsNotes for the best new custom bikes in the world.

Junior Burrell’s Honda CM400
Some of the custom work here is nice; the rest is staggering. The rear wheel’s been moved back a full three inches to help with handling, necessitating the complete fabrication of most of the rear suspension from scratch. The bare aluminum body work up front is so beautiful the builder couldn’t get himself to ruin it by installing a headlight. That’s not even taking into account the work involved to toss a larger RM450 engine in the middle of everything.

H/T: Silodrome

Moto Studio’s Moto Guzzi 1100 “Loca Moto”
Moto Studio’s run by a guy who used to race Porsches, before pursuing a career in fine arts as a sculptor. Side by side with the sculpting, he makes things like this Guzzi masterpiece. His racing background meant he was bent on shaving off as much weight as possible—over 100 pounds were lost in the process—and the suspension was tuned specifically to the weight of the rider. Note the rear subframe; it’s been made from airplane-grade aluminum to keep strength high and weight low. 

Venier Customs’ V7 Guzzi Stone
Built to successfully navigate New York’s collection of potholes, Brooklyn-based Venier Customs made the two-seater with usability in mind. There’s extra protection around the engine to keep things kosher in the event of a mishap, and the Motocross-style handlebars have been narrowed down to help navigate the NYC traffic.

Kerkus Cycles’ M1-21 Honda Cafe Racer
Originally a cop bike, Malaysia’s Kerkus Cycles have really done a number on this one, transitioning it into a sweet little cafe racer. The front of the bike has been lowered by two and a half inches, while most of the bodywork has been removed so you can see that gorgeous, matte black exhaust with polished mufflers. Incidentally, this is how they describe it: “the sound of the muffler itself roaring is orgasm.” Hey, their words.

Moto Vida’s Royal Enfield Bullet
Killowna is a small town in the middle of nowhere in British Columbia...which makes it kind of remarkable that it’s got a shop as accomplished as Moto Vida. MV chose this 2011 Royal Enfield for its already-retro looks, then proceeded to strip it down in an attempt to find a “bicycle effect." The build was inspired by classic beach cruisers, but what really sets it off is the custom, hand-stitched saddle bags for your gear.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's really torn between Burrell’s Honda and Moto Studio’s Guzzi.