The Best Custom Motorcycles In The World, 12/18/14

Your weekly CliffsNotes on the best custom bikes in the known universe...

Gannet Design's Ducati Scrambler "G Tracker"
The same guy who did that awesome take on the Kawasaki Ninja H2R just applied his skills to Ducati's most important new bike in years. He really wanted to emphasize the frame, as it used to be a staple of Ducatis. Look very closely and you'll notice the subtle juxtaposition of carbon fiber and brushed metal; the idea is to get you thinking about the old world craftsmanship and new, high-tech materials.

Metric Customs' Ironhead-Dnepr "Elenifae"
It's obvious that this bike is beautiful, but what truly makes it amazing is how it was constructed. It was built in Germany by the guy behind Metric Customs, when he took an old American Harley Davidson Ironhead motor and threw it in a similarly old Soviet Dnepr bike, complete with a sidecar.

Mod Moto's Triumph Scrambler
The Scandinavian motorheads at Mod Moto built this bike for the guy who manages the company Vans in Sweden. Since it's dark basically all winter up there, the single most important modification is that ultra bright LED headlight up front. But that's not to say they didn't do some fine-tuning to the bike's electrical and exhaust systems to net an extra 40% more horsepower.

Macco Motors' Honda CB 750 "Spitfire 09"
The latest build from one of the best new European outfits in the past few years, Spitfire 09 is full of little details, like keeping the original fender (albeit in shortened form) and hiding a lot of the electronics in the battery box to keep the look as clean as possible. The overall aim was to make it look super vintage, but it's actually a 2002 Nighthawk underneath everything.

Smokin' Customs' "Elegant Bastard" RnineT
In its own words, Amsterdam-based Smokin' Customs is for people with money burning a hole in their pocket, so it kinda makes sense they'd attack BMW's hottest new retrobike. The tank is hand-beat aluminum and there's hand-laid carbon fiber in several spots, but check out that seat. It's antelope. 

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. They're all so good, he can't figure out which one goes in his imaginary garage.