The Best Custom Motorcycles In The World, 2/12/15

Your weekly CliffsNotes on the best custom bikes in the known universe...

The RSD Ameri-Tracker

Isn't it hard to prep a modern Harley for dirt track use, you ask? Not hard at all, at least according to the team at Roland Sands design, who just finished building this bike to show what you can do with mostly off the shelf parts from the RSD catalog. The only limiting factors here are creativity, and budget. [See More]

Ellaspede's BMW R65

If this Beamer looks deceptively straightforward, the guys at Aussie shop Ellaspede have done their job. It was built for a guy who removes tattoos for a living, so he knows a thing or two about going too far with a design. The bike was torn down, the frame was streamlined and repainted, and then everything was put back together, albeit 40 mm lower, and with new lights, gauges, etc. Oh yeah, since it's Australian, yes, that seat really is made from kangaroo leather. [See More]

H/T: Silodrome

Old Empire Motorcycles' Lightning

Inspired by an obscure, Cold War-era British supersonic fighter jet, Lightning was originally a '79 Yamaha SR500. OEM chopped the rear and completely redid it using a Kawasaki frame as a starting point for the suspension. There's all sorts of hidden tricks on this bike, too, like a complete re-working of the fuel tank so it looks stock, even though it's now considerably lower to match the seat. [See More]

Inglorious Customs' MC Cali

This is the very first bike build for Inglorious, a shop run by a man who previously spent years restoring 1980s-era Formula One and Group B rally cars. He knows a thing or two about precision machines, and he's combined that with a passion for all things vintage California...even though he's English. Thus, this 1978 Honda is an homage to a 1950s era hot rod, but the small touches are what set it off, like the titanium-laced heat wrap on the exhaust. [See More]

Revival Cycles' Ducati 900 SS Sport Production

There were only 80 of these bikes built in 1997, so it was kind of a rare ride even before Revival applied its talents. The frame's completely custom, and everything from the handlebars to the wheel spacers is a completely house-made part. The engine's a properly hopped up version of the original, and to help the lucky rider have fun with it, the electronics suite on board will show you everything from how long it took you to hit 60 mph to what your last lap time was. [See More]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He's jealous of anyone skilled enough to give up a job restoring vintage F1 cars.