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Cristian Di Stefano 

De Palma Cycles' Honda CB750
No, you're not looking at a black and white photo. The first bike from an offshoot of a fashion shop, this Honda's an homage to punk music. Note the seat made with studded leather. While there are plenty of style points to note here, the most obvious is actually in the tail, with the words "F*ck Off" surrounding the taillight, presumably to ward off any would-be tailgaters. 

Dylan Laubscher

Moto Guzzi LeMans by Wolf Moto
It's always impressive when a bike's built by a couple of novices and ends up taking the good fight to the established players in the custom bike world. This is one of those. Wolf Moto's a brand new shop in South Africa with a couple of fabrication guys that're actually hung up on dirt bikes more than cafe racers. Just wait to see what happens when they get more experience and build bikes they really like.



JvB-Moto's Yamaha VMAX "Infrared"
It's a beautiful answer to a question no one asked: What happens when a Japanese motorcycle manufacturer asks a German customizer who specializes in Italians to build a bike. Well, you get a 174 hp homage to three decades of Yamaha racing, with a color that's a nod to the 1985 season, when it took the championship fight down to the last round against Honda.

Colorado Norton Works

Colorado Norton Works' Commando
It's funny that Norton's been building fine motorcycles for well over 100 years in England, yet if you want one properly restored, you've gotta send it to Colorado. The end result of CNW's labors is a bike that's better than the original, and one that's safer too, thanks to modern stopping devices.

H/T: Silodrome


Motofication's BMW K100 K-Fe Evo II
This bike's got a makeover from a German builder for a Swiss client...which meant all sorts of legal wrangling with regard to what is and isn't legal on a Swiss bike. The bottom line is that there's a lot more work going on with this bike than meets the eye. At the end of the day, though, it's a beautiful six cylinder bike that looks just about perfect for a run through some Alpine passes.

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