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Akrapovic Full Moon Concept
You know Akrapovic as a high-end maker of exhaust components for some of Europe's finest automobiles. Now you know them for this. It's called the Full Moon. Aside from looking like an insect's thorax, it features a 30 inch composite wheel and, thanks to an on-board hydraulic system, it can park vertically. If there was any justice in the world, this would've been the moon that broke the internet.

Tattoo Moto

Tattoo Moto's BMW R 75
There are a lot of subtle touches here, from the tweaks to the frame, to the extra shock reservoir at the rear. Not bad for a creative agency out of North Carolina. Not bad at all.

Dong Kim

Federal Moto's Due South
The new-ish Canadian garage just wrapped its third build, which happens to belong to one of the co-founders. He met the rest of the guys while on a ride due south through Alberta. Flash forward a bit, and his old Yamaha's sporting some serious cornering prowess thanks to modified shocks and a modernization of everything but the engine, right down to the LEDs behind the seat.


Custom Gardner Board Tracker
Take an old Husqvarna, mate it to an even older electric bicycle, and you've got the very first inkling of how tough this bike was to build. Now add on all the wiring that comes with a custom project like this, and you should have an appreciation for how clean the overall result turned out.

H/T: Silodrome


Tannermatic's Ducati Monster
Tannermatic's a relatively new outfit from a guy who spent the better part of two decades making boats. It's also the regular go-to for composite work for one of the top builders in the world. It's not much of a surprise then, to see this Ducati's sporting a radically altered frame and enough custom carbon fiber to make an F1 wing out of.

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