The Best Custom Motorcycles In The World, November 20th 2014

Your weekly CliffsNotes on the best custom bikes in the world...

Redonda Racing's Suzuki TR750 Tribute to Barry Sheene
Just as notorious for his drinking, smoking, and partying as he was for winning a pair of world championships, Barry Sheene was the James Hunt of the motorcycle world, and in fact, the two were pals. This Suzuki, built by Portugal's Redonda Racing, is a tribute to the man. The build included stripping all unnecessary weight and upgrading everything from the electronics to the brakes to state of the art equipment. The best part? They actually take it to track days.

H/T: Pipeburn

Huge Design's Stoc RR "Cafe Fighter" Kit
You don't see too many custom superbikes. This one's actually a kit for the DIY type who doesn't feel like building one up from scratch. All you need is any 2009 and beyond Honda CBR1000rr—not exactly a timid bike—and boom. Equal parts cafe racer and street fighter.


Ton-Up Garage's BMW R75 Recall
It's a safe bet that any Beamer the guys at Ton-Up Garage produce is going to be lustworthy. This one's no different: everything mechanical has been rebuilt to original condition, the bike was lowered a by couple inches in front, fenders were tweaked, wheels were swapped, and by the time they were done slightly tweaking almost everything on the bike, this beauty emerged.

One Way Machine's Harley Softail "Brougham"
This is a German-built custom Harley inspired by a Cadillac. It might sound odd, but the man behind One Way Machine latched onto the Cadillac Eldorado Brougham when he first saw it, hence the name. Other than that, the stripped-down bike's the antithesis of the original Brougham, which came with everything from power windows to whisky glasses (really). You're going to want to take a closer look on this one over at BikeEXIF. It just won the world championship as the best custom Harley of 2014.


Vis Maior's Triumph Concept
Vis Maior is that Swiss collective full of bike loving graphic designers that produce first-rate custom bike visualizations so you can show your builder exactly what you want. They've worked their magic again, this time on a sweet Triumph that looks like it'd be a total blast. Someone, anyone: please build this in real life.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He's all about that Barry Sheen tribute Suzuki.