There's probably no car on earth with a more highly developed aftermarket than the Mustang. Since day one, about fifty years ago, people have started modifying the car almost immediately after buying it. With the latest model just starting to hit the streets, some of the biggest names in the Mustang business—and even one in Europe—have dropped their latest goodies. These are the best of the newest crop.

Ford Racing

Roush Stage 3 Track Pak

Roush hasn't given official word that they're going to build this puppy yet, but considering their latest performance figures bump the Mustang to over 600 hp, and considering how sinister this one looks with caged interior, it would be awfully nice of them to let the general public play with it.

Ford Racing

Mountune MRX450

Ford's making a big push to make Mustang a global brand, and this is what a lot of souped up 'Stangs will look like in Europe. Mountune's been working with Ford for years in several road racing series, and they've attacked this car in its four cylinder EcoBoost guise, because Europe. No word on performance data just yet, but it'll be interesting to see how it stacks up to its V8 brothers.

Larry Chen via Mustang RTR

Mustang RTR Spec 5

This is built to be Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s official drifting toy, so, no, you won't be able to buy it, but it's still pretty sick to look at. If Mustang RTR sounds familiar to you, they're the same company that recently dropped that insanely nice 725 hp Mustang.

Ford Racing

Galpin Autosports

The hardest part about making this car was getting the paint for those wheels to look as close to 24 karat gold as possible. In other words, making the engine—which you can see through a window in the hood—put out 725 hp was the easy part. Look at the right angles, and you'll see flakes of gold in the paint. It's remarkably subtle and is actually even harder to see it in person.

Ford Racing

Forgiato Widebody

Nothing here but a very nicely done widebody kit for the Mustang to show off those rims. It's so subtle that, from the side, it's almost hard to tell anything's been done.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He's seen most of these in person, and while they're all nice, he'd take the Roush, no question.



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