"A sports car doesn't have to be luxurious. It should be affordable so that anyone can own one, it should be easy to maintain, and it should be something that you can enjoy without having to spend too much money."—Yutaka Katayama, the so-called "Father of the Z," who passed away on February 19th at the age of 105.

The best Nissan and Datsun Z cars you can buy on eBay this week, in honor of the man who gave them life.


1970 240Z

When people talk about a car being a "Series 1," they typically mean it's from the first run of production, before there were any substantive changes to the car. In other words, it's as close to the model's birth as you're going to get. For Z cars, this is that. It's a classic in the same sense as an Alfa Romeo Giulia or a BMW 2002. [See more]

Moto Exotica

1974 260Z

It's kind of a pity that so many people use "one owner" as a bragging right on a three year old car, since it takes away from the fact that this car was owned by the same meticulous record keeping guy from 1973 until 2013. It's been restored, and a few improvements have fallen its way over the years, but overall this is about as perfectly true to the original as you'll find. [See more]

Alpha Cars

1986 300ZX Turbo

There's a certain intangible coolness factor to the mid-80s Zs. The car's a sort of transition point, where you can still make out the model's origin in the body, but the performance was starting to really head north. Inside, there's no back seat, comfy leather numbers up front, and an instrument cluster that's pure science fiction. [See more]


1988 300ZX Shiro Special

There are two things that define the 80s car scene more than anything else, and this car has 'em both. "Powder" white, and T-tops. Sure, that means the chassis is a bit flexible, but this car's not about all-out performance. It's about sitting down into the beautiful Recaro seats, and cruising down a winding road knowing your car has more character in its fender than most of what you're sharing the highway with. [See more]

Top Gear Porsche

1990 300 ZX Turbo

If you wanted one of these back when you were in high school, you'd be hard pressed to find a more pristine and untouched example than this one. Everything you're looking at is all-original, including the paint. It's only been driven about 600 miles per year for the past two and a half decades. Plus, 300 hp from a twin turbo V6 is just as much fun now as it was back then. [See more]

Driven Authority

600 hp 1990 300ZX

As pure and original as that yellow 300ZX is, this one...isn't. That's a good thing, because the owners—there have been just two, both with more than a decade's stewardship—are keen to do everything right on this car. The list of parts is far too long to include here, but the short version is it's a 600 hp ride with the suspension to match, and it's really a sponsored show car. Or a 600 hp rolling piece of nostalgia. [See more]


Supercharged 2008 350Z

Sometimes, you just want modern performance without the modern price. That's where this one comes in: with well over $10,000 spent in performance parts alone, the car's just $20,000. This definitely isn't the car you take home to show your mom; it's the car you take to the track to have fun with. [See more]

RIP, Yutaka Katayama.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter.



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