The Best Replicas On eBay Motors, 7/8/14

"Now you wanna get nuts? Come on! Let's get nuts." — Michael Keaton, as Bruce Wayne in Batman ('89) 

Nothing but the very finest replicas for sale on eBay Motors this week. 

The Definitive Batmobile
With all due respect to the creativity that went into the original Batmobile, the Michael Keaton-era Batmobile will always be the best. This is a surprisingly faithful replica that’s been built from leftover Corvette pieces. It has adjustable suspension, a fully customized interior, and an actual jet engine in the back. Amazingly, it’s legal to drive on the road. [More pics…

1965 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe
Replicas don’t get much better than cars built by Superformance. This car was built in 2008 with the body and chassis designed by the same men who built the original Shelby Cobra Daytonas in the ‘60s. Of course, the engine’s a bit stronger on this one: it’s a 600 hp 427 that set the original owner back over $50,000. [More pics…

1953 C-Type Jaguar
In the early ‘50s, Jaguar pretty much owned Le Mans with the C-Type managing a pair of victories before yielding to the legendary D-Type. A few years ago, a restoration shop in Argentina was commissioned to restore an original C-Type, and in the course of their work they essentially re-tooled their shop and were able to make an exact duplicate of the shell. They then realized that that shell fits perfectly over the much more advanced E-Type chassis. Basically this is a lighter, better handling C-Type. [More pics…

1966 GT40
As with the Cobra Daytona, this one’s built by Superformance, so you can take it as read that its body and chassis are top-notch. The engine’s 580 hp and it only weighs 2,200 pounds. Check this video for seven minutes of aural bliss as it blasts down stretches of Kansas highway. Don’t try this at home; these speeds are unlikely legal. [More pics…]

1955 Porsche 550
Produced by a Florida shop with a serious accuracy obsession, this 550 was developed using a fully disassembled original car and a complete set of blueprints. The shop 3D-scanned the smaller pieces and made the equivalent in templates with which to form the sheet metal. Even the engine is a rebuilt Porsche unit from the ‘50s. The car barely weighs over 1,200 pounds, meaning the 135 hp will move it plenty fast. [More pics…

KITT from Knight Rider
Yes, it’s got a bumper and a light hookup so it looks like KITT, but it also has an entire working, 100 percent functional dashboard. Basically, if you ever wanted to be popular in Germany or eat Wendy’s hamburgers in the shower, you have to buy this car. [More pics…]

1934 Auburn Boattail Speedster
The Auburn speedster represents the automotive pinnacle of the Art Deco movement, which some people can’t let go. The guy who started Speedster Motorcars is one of those people. He spent 20 years building his company to make the absolute best Auburn he could. As a result, the car now boasts an improved frame and a supercharged V8 out of a mid-'90s Corvette. [More pics…

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's willing to do “things” if anyone wants to buy that GT40 and park it in his garage..