The Best Supercars on eBay Motors, 5/5/14

"Lotus should count itself lucky if the next Esprit is this good." Tony Quiroga, about the Noble M400 in Car and Driver

The best Supercars on eBay Motors this week.

2007 Noble M400
Noble is one of the cooler examples of a legal loophole you'll see. They're so performance-oriented that they don't meet the U.S. environmental standards. To get around the regulations, they ship the car without the engine, which is then installed stateside, thereby making everything kosher. The whole car only weighs 2,200 pounds, and with 500 hp on standby, your biggest concern will be keeping your head on your shoulders. [More pics...]

2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia
The 430 Scuderia is more or less what happens when Ferrari engineers supe up a normal 430 straight from the factory. It hits 60 mph in about 3.5 seconds, can shift gears in 60 milliseconds, and on Ferrari’s test track, it can turn a lap about as fast as a Ferrari Enzo. That’s not bad. Also not bad: this stunning black and gold paint scheme, which is about as perfect as it was when it left the factory, just 1,800 miles ago. [More pics…]

2012 Lexus LFA
The Lexus LFA is capable of 202 mph, thanks to its 552 hp V10 and some very advanced aerodynamics, but that's not really what makes this cool. This is the supercar for people who geek out on tech. Instead of bare-carbon floors and a distinct lack of luxuries, the LFA has different air intake systems for each cylinder, can rev from idle to red line in just 0.6 seconds, and has possibly the coolest speedometer in the history of speedometers. [More pics...]

1986 Ferrari Testarossa 512 Convertable
If you grew up in the 1980s, you likely had a Ferrari Testarossa on your wall, or maybe even a model of one. You probably didn't, however, have a poster of a Testarossa convertible. Ferrari only made one, and it went to the president of Fiat. Luckily there was a company in California that did an excellent job converting 12 Testarossas. This is one of 'em, so if you've never seen one topless, now's your chance. [More pics...]

1972 De Tomaso Pantera
Making a mid-rear engined Italian supercar isn't enough for some people, and when De Tomaso had to pick an engine for their new and sexy design, they didn't just go with an American V8. They went with an Australian version of an American V8. The Ford 351 Cleveland V8 was more or less Ford's factory race engine, designed for high revving fun. Ford of Australia took things a step further and found about 10% more horsepower. That was deemed good enough for the Pantera. Why no one makes a modern variant is a mystery. [More pics...]

2005 Porsche Carrera GT
This car only exists because of a couple of failed race designs. Porsche developed a V10 for a Formula 1 team that ultimately went under. They then refined the unit for use in a Le Mans prototype, but were told not to upset sister company Audi's run of dominance. Eventually, the engine saw the light of day as a 5.7 liter beast pumping out over 600 hp. The car's an animal, to be sure, but when treated with respect, it's an amazing piece of machinery. [More pics...]

1984 Ferrari 512BB
The 188 mph, 360 hp 512 Berlinetta Boxer was an evolution of the first Ferrari road car to put a 12 cylinder engine behind the driver. By most accounts it's a great car, but the guy who owns this one certainly doesn't seem to think so. He had it completely disassembled, re-engineered so it wouldn't overheat either the engine or the driver, then added extra insulation to block heat and noise in the cabin. For good measure, anything that was plastic, like door handles, was replaced with billet aluminum, and anything that was fiberglass is now carbon fiber. It's been featured in magazines, and it's worth your time to drool at. [More pics...]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He'd be willing to live without a house for a year in exchange for one of these cars.