The Best Vintage Motorcycles For Sale On eBay, 12/30/14

"Anybody can jump a motorcycle. The trouble begins when you try to land it."—Evel Knievel

Nothing but the very finest vintage motorcycles on eBay this week.

Two Wheel Drive 1967 Dnepr MT-11
This bike was originally designed for the Soviet Army to use against the Germans in WWII, but in reality, it was modeled after (read, basically copied from) the Beamers of Nazi Germany. There's a secret to it though: scroll through the photos (there're a ton), and you'll notice that the wheel on the sidecar is attached to a drive shaft—you're looking at an ex-Soviet military bike with two wheel drive. [More pics...]

Fun fact: the Dnepr, not the BMW it's modeled after, is what Indy Jones rode in The Last Crusade

1931 Norton TT Racer
This bike was raced at some of the most prestigious competitions back in the day, including the first ever race held on Daytona Beach (i.e. the the spiritual beginning of the Daytona 200 bike race and NASCAR's Daytona 500). It remained competitive for over three decades, before retiring to a couple of private collections, where it has remained for nearly 50 years. Simply put, it's the real deal. [More pics...]

1977 Harley Davidson Pan-Shovel by Keino Cycles
Any bike by Keino Cycles is bound to be one of the best in the world, and this Harley's no different. Everything that's not painted is either chromed or polished to a mirror-like sheen...including the clutch. This bike was built for the sole purpose of winning shows. The fact that it drives great, thanks to a beefier engine and a more modern transmission, is just a huge bonus. [More pics...]

1979 Moto Guzzi 1000SP Cafe Racer
Yes, this is a totally awesome Guzzi custom. What makes it that way? For starters, this bike was built by its owner. And this isn't a home-built bike of questionable quality, either—the owner happens to run his own automotive restoration shop, so everything you see here was built with an eye toward detail, down to the nickel-plated exhuast. [More pics...]

1975 Ducati 850GT
If you were ever curious about the outcome of crossing a DeLorean, a BMW M1, and a Ducati, this is it. The 850GT was originally designed by Giorgetto Guigiaro, whose place in the pantheon of great designers is unquestioned. Amazingly, the now-classic angular shape of this bike was somewhat controversial in its day. [More pics...]

1963 Harley Davidson Panhead "Red Rocker" Signed by Sammy Hagar
On paper, this bike is from 1963, though both the engine and the chassis are from 2012. It was originally built as a tribute to Sammy Hagar—he liked it so much he signed the fuel tank—for a charity called "Little Kids Rock", which is run by a bunch of big-name musicians (Slash, B.B. King, Steven Van Zandt...). The list of custom parts here is pretty intense, and includes the tail lights from an old Ford. [More pics...]

1974 Honda CB550 Cafe Racer
Built by the same guys who did that Guzzi, this one was actually bought as a work in progress. It's certainly clean, and because of the vintage Firestones it's sporting, it's got a look unlike most of the other Honda Cafe Racers you've likely seen lately. Most of the wiring has been hidden in the battery compartment, which now boasts more space, thanks to a lithium cell. [More pics...]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He finds himself suddenly wanting a Dnepr MT-11 in his life.