The Best Vintage Muscle Cars on eBay Motors, 5/27/14

"Meep, meep." — The Roadrunner.

Nothing but the very best vintage muscle cars on eBay Motors this week.

1970 Plymouth Road Runner SuperBird
Built to make their 200 mph “aero car” legal for NASCAR, the SuperBird was almost cartoonish in its awesomeness… and that’s before all the homages to the Road Runner by way of the bird on the headlight, the coyote on the intake cover, and the friggin' Road Runner’s “meep meep” horn. This example’s 100% original. It hasn’t been restored, it just happens to be in this good of a condition after 44 years and 56,000 miles. [More pics…]

1969 427 Yenko Camaro
For Chevy people, the word “Yenko” is a magic incantation that makes everything perform better. In this car’s case, that’s almost certainly true. Despite the fact that this car is a real Yenko, it’s still very much a sleeper: it has a lightweight aluminum block, and it’s original 427 cubic inches have been expanded a bit to 475. The closest estimate you’ll get for how much power and how fast this car is? A lot, and very. [More pics…]

1970 GTO Judge
Other cars have been faster, of course, but probably no car has ever had a more Muscle Car-sounding name than the GTO Judge. In that gorgeous orange, with those functional ram-air hood scoops and a tachometer built into the hood, this car ticks pretty much every box you could ask for. It’s been restored, but not so much that it’s a museum piece. This is one you’ll be okay with driving down the street. [More pics…]

1971 Firebird Formula
What you’re looking at here is the perfect Dazed and Confused-era cruiser, a legit 455 cid Firebird full of all the options that made it a classic in the first place. The honeycomb wheels are insane, awesome, and confusing to bees, while almost every other option on this car is exactly what you would’ve bought 40 years ago. [More pics…]

1972 Oldsmobile 442
The 442’s name originally came from the fact that the car had a four barrel carburetor, a four speed manual transmission, and dual exhaust. Such a literal link obviously didn’t stick around very long, and in many regards the car was better for it. Proper muscle + convertible? What more could you want? [More pics…]

1971 Dodge Charger Super Bee
Hidden headlights? Check. 385 hp? Check. Nearly perfect restoration in “Top Banana” paint? Ralph Wiggum would approve. Seriously. You want to know how much effort was put into getting everything right on this car? They painted the electrical ground cable from the engine, and made sure the windshield wiper motor was 100% correct. That’s commitment. [More pics…]

1967 Shelby GT350
This Shelby is basically a brand new 47-year-old car. For reasons that are exceptionally hard to fathom, someone bought it in 1967 and drove it… for 655 miles. Once it was sold, a car that fresh wasn’t good enough for the new owner, so it was comprehensively stripped down and rebuilt from the ground up. Everything is better than the day it left Shelby’s facility in California. If you ever wanted a Shelby, this is it. [More pics…]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and he'll take the Shelby, thank you very much.