The Best Vintage Porsches on eBay Motors This Week, 5/13/14

"It's about as fast as you can go without having to eat airline food." — a vintage Porsche print ad.

Nothing but the very best vintage Porsches on eBay Motors right now.

Sleeper 1974 911 Carrera
A fresh coat of paint might make this car look like it's simply been well maintained, but this 911's actually a pretty sweet sleeper. The owner took a larger engine from a newer 911 RS and threw it in. The suspension's been beefed up, as has the transmission, and even the fuel tank has been replaced by a racing fuel cell. Inside and out, however, it's all classic '74 Porsche. [More pics...]

RCR 917 Le Mans Gulf #20
One look at the price, and you’ll know this isn’t one of the Gulf-liveried 917s that dominated the racing world 40 years ago, but that might be the only way you’d figure it out it’s a replica. The entire back half of the car is a literal duplicate of the real thing, and the only differences up front actually improve the car. This one comes without an engine, so you’re free to go as wild or as mild as you’d like. [More pics…]

1989 911 Slant Nose Turbo Cabriolet
Some phrases in Porsche's history stand out more than others, and perhaps none moreseo than "slant nose." The easily distinguishable nose was an option in the eighties, and in 1989, just 75 turbo slant noses were produced with a manual transmission. This one barely has 30,000 miles on the clock, and has been generally babied for the duration of its life. The folks selling it have also got a ton of great pics. [More pics...]

1967 911/912 Coupe
There’s simply not a more lasting and more iconic Porsche than a mid-sixties 911. This one was first delivered on December 7th, 1966, and it’s averaged less than 1,300 miles every year of its life since then. It got fresh paint for its 40th birthday, and in the years that followed it’s gotten a spring cleaning, including new headlights, window gaskets, and brakes. A classic German car in Irish Green is worth checking out. [More pics…]

1957 356A Speedster
An all original Porsche 356A Speedster is something of a unicorn, as a car that’s incredibly hard to come by that really only exists in Hollywood. Coincidentally, the original owner of this car is very much a Hollywood type — Tarantino regular Michael Parks. He sold his beloved speedster to an LA cop in 1970, who proceeded to put it in storage for the next 40 years. Simply put, it’s stunning. [More pics…]

1964 356 SC Coupe
Or, if you’re not so big on convertibles, there’s always the 356 SC Coupe. 95 hp in a car that doesn’t weigh much more than a tin can is certainly sufficient. This example was restored a few years ago, and it’s so perfectly done that it comes with a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity. It literally needs nothing but a new home. [More pics…]

1971 911 RSR Race Car
With an all-fiberglass body molded from an original 1973 race car, this Martini-liveried stunner can move. It’s got a more modern suspension setup and a newer, more reliable engine, so it’s basically a plug and play track day toy. The full roll cage means this car is about as safe as you’re going to get, and literally every inch of this beauty has been imbued with a strong drive towards having fun. [More pics…]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and if he were looking for a new toy he'd grab that sleeper up top in a heartbeat.