The Monaco yacht to rule them all

In Monaco, the motion of the ocean really is secondary to the size of your enormous yacht, so the dreamers at Yacht Island Classics have designed a boat called "The Streets of Monaco" that's more or less a giant floating replica of the city. It's just a concept for now, but they're totally ready to build it for anyone that can cough up a couple hundred mil. Anyone have Mark Cuban's number?

It wouldn't be Monaco without the famous grand prix circuit, so it's got a go-kart track running through the heart of the deck, past all the scaled-down casinos and not-scaled down pools full of women wearing (hopefully) very scaled down bikinis.

If you're lucky enough to get invited on board, the entry point is based on the Monaco Casino gardens, that they've called "The Oasis." There's an upstairs pool that's connected to a downstairs pool via a freaking waterfall, which draws your attention away from the fact that just about everything is marble — and that there's a full spa right next to a cafe bar.

Naturally, Monaco is all about exclusivity, so if you're tired of hanging around the riff raff on the main deck, head to the Owners Apartment, a three-story 4500-square-foot home with lounge, fire place, office, courtyard, pool, and private sundeck, presumably for the girls that left their scaled-down bikinis at home.