Shocker: Bugatti's Latest Veyron Is Stunning

Bugatti has been releasing a seemingly endless line of new Veyron versions lately, but the latest one, the Black Bess, is easily the sexiest yet.

Black Bess was originally a Bugatti from over 100 years ago that was the fastest road car on earth. 100 mph with 1912 technology is both amazing and terrifying. To pay homage, the original is drawn on the leather on the door, along with the plane flown by one of it's most famous owners, legendary Frenchman Roland Garros.

Because anything less would be uncivilized (as all those old Right Guard commercials taught us), there's 24-karat gold details all over the car, like on the front badge.

They even put some on the wheels, evidently assuming no one will ever get their brakes hot enough to melt it.

And of course the emblem inside the car's gold, too. Fun fact: in order to ensure that the hand-drawn (note the signature) artwork was as robust as the leather, they spent some time developing a special ink and impregnation process.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. Even though he's not a kid anymore, he still loves design experiments like this car.