The Smallest Electric Roadster You Can Buy Today

This is the Carice MK1. Think of it as the incredibly tiny, ridiculously light, all-electric spiritual successor to the legendary Porsche 356 that you can actually order right now.

The total weight of the MK1 is roughly 1,400 pounds, or just over half the weight of a Miata. Translation? It takes turns like a go-kart. Performance numbers are yet to be released, but you have a choice of two different sized battery packs if you feel the need for more power—which is almost always a no-brainer. For road trip-inclined drivers, there’s an optional gasoline engine to keep those batteries charged over increased ranges.

Inside, it comes complete with everything you need to drive the car, and almost nothing else. The engineers at Carice are so obsessed with weight savings that they’re not even including a top, though as a means of saving the car from rain, there is a simple tonneau cover you can drape over the seats if you park outside. 

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and he’s convinced that this is an absolutely perfect grocery getter. Follow him to the store on Twitter.