The classiest Ferrari ever made

It's no secret that some Ferraris age better than others, but this 1958 250 GT LWB California Spider might just have all the others beat in the timeless looks department. Only 50 of them were ever made; this one's number 11, and it's on the block at RM's Arizona auction should you happen to have a spare nine million or so bucks burning a hole in your pocket.

Although a lot of people confuse it for Ferris Bueller's joyride-mobile, the California Spider is actually a much more rare, much more track-proven piece of machinery. They were only made because American buyers demanded the best Ferrari race cars of the era but in convertible form, so they could cruise down the PCH in style.

The engine, aside from being one of the most beautiful ever to sit inside an engine bay, is an advanced-for-its-day 222.5hp overhead cam V12 topped off with a trio of carburetors. It was good enough to win in its class at the grueling 12 Hours of Sebring and to finish 5th overall at Le Mans, ahead of many prototypes.

Of course, extra cooling is necessary for such a beast, so elements like this recessed duct are actually functional.

Inside, it's pretty much everything you could ever want in a Ferrari: timeless Ferrari-patterned leather is everywhere, and there are enough gauges to let you know what's going on with the car at all times.

Still, you won't have to pay any attention to that when you're cruising down the PCH, which is what this car was built for.