This Is The Most Rugged Camper Trailer On Earth

Crocodile Dundee taught us two things: the difference between a pocket knife and the real deal, and that the Australian Outback is a pretty rugged place. Now, an Australian company named Conquerer just dropped an extreme off-road trailer called the UEV 440, and it's potentially the most rugged camper trailer on earth.

What makes it so tough? It's basically one big exoskeleton made with CNC machined parts, so if you do manage to damage something, it's a quick fix. Before assembly, everything's galvanized and coated, just like your car, and as an added bonus it's all sealed to prevent dust. Even more impressive: there's a fan inside, which serves to pressurize the cabin to prevent dust from entering when you're driving across deserts.

Inside, it has two beds, a table, hot water, and even space to mount your TV.

The kitchen area — yes, it has a kitchen — has a fridge and freezer, stove, bar, and an available fold out tent so you can eat in even more comfort.

And don't worry about all that getting stuck. It’s got a fully independent suspension with legit performance shocks; in other words, this thing is adjustable so you can switch from road to off-road settings. They’ll even match the wheels to your tow vehicle. Quite simply, if your truck can go somewhere, this can go right along with it.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's not often impressed by trailers, but this one had him at the pressurized cabin.