Deadmau5's Ridiculous Ferrari is for Sale

When a normal celebrity sells their car, their ownership is kind of of a footnote, an anecdote that's nice for car shows, but doesn't change the car. But Deadmau5 is anything but normal, and his ownership of this Ferrari 458 Italia is anything but a footnote. He's currently selling it in Ontario, complete with his iconic Nyan wrap, though he's willing to remove it "if you're a p***y".

The car itself is stock, but it does come with an iPod full of nyancat songs, because did you really think it wouldn't? It's also a spider, which is good, since those giant mouse ears probably don't fit with the roof up.

He's selling it for 380,000 Loonies, and if anyone wants to pay more for it, everything over 380k goes to charity. And nyan awareness. That should be a thing.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's not big on nyan, but he'd live with the livery if someone gifted the car to him.