This Submarine Is An Underwater Fighter Jet

What your eyes are currently fixated on is a personal submarine.

And not just any personal sub, but the Deepflight Super Falcon Mark II. As you can tell by the name and obvious shape, this is essentially a submersible jet. With wings and tail fins exactly like you would find on a F-18, the Mark II is capable of effortless underwater maneuvers. Yes, even barrel rolls. 

Designed with the pilot in mind, the snug yet comfortable cockpit is enclosed by a large domed top which allows 360 degree views of the deep blue. There's also room for a passenger, who can sit behind the pilot in a cockpit of their own. 

Commitment to advanced technology was paramount in the design of the Super Falcon. The entire sub runs on electricity, and while water and electricity can be a shocking combo (pun intended), it's 100 percent safe to use around people and marine life. Another benefit of the electric motor is the quiet operation, allowing you to motor up to secluded reefs teeming with sea life.

Anytime people venture underwater, safety becomes a concern, so DeepFlight designed this sub to always be positively buoyant. In case of a malfunction, the sub will automatically shoot to the surface.

Simply put, the Super Falcon Mark II is an awesome piece of explorational equipment, and the guys at DeepFlight would be happy to make one for you. The price-tag's $1.5 million, but each one is built specifically for the customer, so it's a steal basically.

Gavin Woolard is the Social Media Editor at Supercompressor. He once rode in a submarine, but it wasn't as cool as this. Follow him on Instagram.