The DTV Shredder Will Eat Your Segway For Breakfast

Meet the DTV Shredder, a personal off-road vehicle of sorts created by the mad scientists of BPG Werks. Basically if a tank, skateboard, and Segway had a love child, this would be it. 

Powered by a 196cc, 14 hp engine the DTV Shredder is powerful enough to reach speeds up to 25 mph. Steering is controlled by leaning the desired direction on the skateboard-like deck. Acceleration and breaking are managed via a thumb controller mounted on the handlebars. 

The goal was to make a vehicle which could be enjoyed year-round. Obviously, DPG Werks has succeeded because there's no terrain this thing can't handle. Mud, rocks, snow, and sand are no match for the beefy treads. 

If you want one get ready to pony up about $4,500. They're are not quite available, but will likely be for sale later in 2015.

Gavin Woolard is the Social Media Editor at Supercompressor. He thinks one of these would be perfect for the sidewalks of NYC. Check him out on Instagram