A Suped-Up Lamborghini Huracan Is Already Available

Well, that was fast. The first Lamborghini Huracans are barely out on the road and there's already a tuner version you can buy. German outfit Wheelsandmore just dropped the Huracan Lucifero LP850-4, and it promises to be great.

Despite the fact that the company name sounds like it's a used-car-lot-slash-pawn shop, the Lucifero's pretty damn serious. Wheelsandmore opted for, well, quite a lot more, supercharging the Huracan's already potent V10, so it now puts out a face-melting 850 hp.

Controlling all that power can be tricky, so they also paid attention to all four corners and installed fully adjustable shocks that'll allow you to choose how soft the ride is—or how menacing the cornering capacity is.

Those sweet wheels? As you might expect, Wheelsandmore made them in-house, somehow making this a less expensive advertisement than 30 seconds would cost during the Super Bowl. They'll probably get to write it off their taxes, too.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's perfectly willing to drive a Huracan around for a few days if you have wheels you'd like to advertise.