The Gilded Guzzi Le Mans by Kaffeemaschine

From a German garage called Kaffeemaschine, this gorgeous bike build is the latest in a long line of recent builds that use the Guzzi Le Mans as a starting point. These guys have taken the rich Guzzi tradition and merged it with that of Lotus, and the result is absolutely phenomenal.

The first thing to note, of course, is that gold and black paint scheme. If it reminds you of the beautiful Lotus Formula One cars of the 1970s driven by people like Emerson Fittipaldi and Mario Andretti, or even of Lotus F1 today, that's because the classic John Player Special livery was specifically requested by the guy who commissioned the bike.

They've backed up those good looks with plenty of performance, too, stripping the bike down and only reinstalling the parts that make it faster. They beefed up the engine, and made sure it was perfectly balanced to perform better at speed.

And because ruining such a brilliant paint job by crashing the bike would be a horrible waste, the brakes and suspension have been completely overhauled to modern, state of the art equipment.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and any bike modeled on a Lotus 72 is a-okay in his book.