This Insanely Baller RV is Made Out of Carbon Fiber

From a team of engineers with backgrounds ranging from corporate execs at IBM to Air Force guys with a suspiciously high fluency in Mandarin, this new Global Caravan Technologies RV is a carbon fiber gamechanger. Because it's made out of carbon fiber instead of fiberglass, it's both very rigid and incredibly light, weighing about the same as an average car, or about half of a normal trailer. That means two things: 1) you don't need a heavy duty truck to tow it...

...and 2) they can load it down with all sorts of heavy luxuries other trailers can't have, like a washer and dryer so you don't stink up the place. It's a nice touch, considering there's sleeping room for six people, but the nicest touch is probably that everything electronic can be controlled by iOS or Android, depending on your preferences. 

On top, it's got enough solar panels to run just about everything on board, though you'll probably never see 'em. Because it's just black, shiny carbon fiber, if you're looking at one at night you might never see it at all.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's reasonably confident he'd be the guy to actually walk into this at night. Follow him into inanimate objects on Twitter.