Old-School Helmets Packed With Modern Tech

Published On 08/22/2014 Published On 08/22/2014

Introducing the Hedon x 1971 4:10 Helmet. There are three basic things you need to know about it:

1) It's gloriously retro.

2) It offers all the protection of a modern helmet.

3) They're only making 100 of them, so you should probably act quickly if you want one.

The outer shell's made from Kevlar—as in, the same stuff as bulletproof vests—and it meets all safety requirements and protects your head from some of the nastier side effects of scraping along pavement at speed, while weighing under two pounds.

Obviously, it's painted in colors clearly emblematic of the early 1970s, so to keep the theme going it's available with a bubble visor that easily attaches via the trio of brass snaps up front.

The outer rim of the face and neck area is lined with legit leather, while the padding is lined with microsuede—and it's antimicrobial, if you happen to care about things like that while wearing such a righteous retro helmet.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. Judging by the smell, his helmet isn't antimicrobial. Follow him on Twitter if you have any tips for that.



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