The Beastliest Armored Vehicle You've Ever Seen

Finally tapping into the ever-elusive doomsday prepper and zombie hunter auto market, armored vehicle outfit INKAS has just unleashed the Huron APC — a nearly indestructible truck with enough outrageously protective features to make the Secret Service blush. Hop in and take a look.

Unlike that dinky rig in The Town that was overtaken by some thugs in nun masks, this thing is designed to participate in tactical missions. Not only is it capable of going offroad without a hiccup (thanks to an 8.3L Paccar engine and ten-speed manual Allison transmission), but it's outfitted with special lightweight armor that'll get it moving faster under duress than any other comparable vehicle.

It may not sport the cushy interior of the President's limo, but who needs frills when you're traveling in what is essentially a bunker on wheels? The passenger compartment and engine bay are protected against all manner of high-powered ammunition, and the floor is fitted with blast plates equipped to handle everything from hand grenades to land mines. The lighting's pretty groovy, too!

Up top, there's a set of spacecraft-like rotating strobes to taunt any potential assailants, a latch to pop out and wave hello (with your gun), and even an optional mounted turret.

And if for any reason you ever doubt its prowess, just take a moment to look it in the eyes. This thing is ready for anything.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. When the aliens invade he's headed for this thing.